VOYA Radiance - Facial Exfoliater

87% Certified Organic Ingredients

This naturally active seaweed enzyme exfoliator is formulated with extracts of Fucus Serratus and Sea Heather seaweed, Comfrey and Willowherb with the added benefits of sea acid complex to gently exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth and glowing with radiance.

Directions for Use

Apply a thin layer of the product to cleansed skin. Leave for 5-10 mins and remove using a VOYA muslin cloth.VOYA Expert Tip: Leave for 5-10 minutes then wipe away with VOYA's muslin cloth for added exfoliation.


  • Gently exfoliates the skin making the complexion appear smoother and brighter.
  • Dissolves dead skin cells without rubbing, making it particularly suited to a sensitive skin.
  • Improves the penetration of serums, oils, and moisturisers.
  • Refines, revitalises and brightens.
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