A true story of commitment and beauty 

Welcome to the bathhouse Le Voyage Ieper

"The power of nature"

Organic Beauty

At "Le Voyage" we work exclusivly with the brand VOYA. These contain extracts from wild sea wheater that is harvested by hand, from the cleanest waters from the West Coast of Irland. The seaweed nourishes your skin and restore to natural ability. These product are really good for people with psoriasis, eczeem, acné, physical complaints,... 

"Organic luxury from the sea"

What do we offer?

At " Le Voyage " we love to listen to what your body needs. Our diverse treatments give you comfort and promotes an overall feeling of well-being. Not only we help you during our treatments but we also give you advice on how you can take care of yourself. 

What do you need at the moment?


Outer beauty begins with inner peace. Come enjoy with all your sentences in an oasis of peace.

Treatments to your needs

These treatments are adjusted to your needs so that we can focus on the parts that need extra care. If you do this regulary your body will be physically and mentally in balance. We like to listen to you with full attention.